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About Us

Project Exchange creates a platform to empower high school and college students from around the globe to unapologetically claim, embrace, and share their culture. 

Taking that one step further, we create opportunities for students learn, live, and experience other cultures, allowing them from simply putting on clothing or a mask to truly understanding how their actions can raise awareness for the culture.

Ultimately, we are here to facilitate the exchange of cultures by creating a safe space for you to learn why differences & similarities in culture  exist, as well as process how it connects to your personal experiences. 

Our Mission

To bring together high school and college students from around the globe to talk about culture, promote mutual understanding, and prepare young individuals to tackle critical global issues through cross-cultural communication.

Our Vision

To see every student have a meaningful and interdisciplinary cross-cultural learning experience as part of their educational journey. 

Our Story

Project Exchange was founded in July 2018 by Ashley Lin, after studying abroad in Uruguay with a program of the U.S. Department of State called Youth Ambassadors. This experience opened her eyes to the importance of study abroad in not just promoting cultural understanding, but in empowering students to learn from and work with communities abroad to tackle today's critical global issues. 

At the same time, Ashley also realized that many students in the U.S. and abroad did not have access to meaningful cross-cultural learning experiences, such as study abroad, as part of their education. From financial challenges to a lack of awareness, there are multiple barriers to understanding one's own culture and learning about others'.

This is unacceptable. Cultural exchange should not be a privilege available to only a select few. Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity that many do not have access to, which is why Project Exchange was created.

Through our capstone Digital Exchange Program, we provide an alternative digital “study abroad” experience, empowering young people to investigate culture, stereotypes, and tolerance themselves through the power of collaborative technology.

Let's tackle today's critical global issues together, one exchange at a time.

Meet our team

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