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Project Spotlight

DEP Spring 2020

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This page is updated constantly to exhibit the great work that our current cohort of Digital Exchange Program members and facilitators are up to!

Featured Students

Cohort Spotlight

The work we have highlighted below are the some of the best we've seen in this cohort!

Abril Castillo Camacho


Stefan Mitikj 

North Macedonia


Our Facilitators


Incia is an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley studying Political Economy and Global Studies. She undoubtedly finds meaning in her work when it changes lives in the most positive ways possible, especially in regards to teaching others to be culturally aware and promote change within their community. As a curriculum developer, Incia hopes to shed awareness on global issues that need discussion, especially ones that stem from cultural intolerance and injustice. Furthermore, she is positive that all participants in the program will become future leaders, solution-formulaters, and peace-makers! As a Pakistani-American Muslim, Incia embraces her identity and believes that the tolerance of other's beliefs and cultures is a concept that current/future leaders must wholly believe in when enacting policy and making decisions that can affect the lives of millions!

Incia Haider

Hikaru Headshot.jpg

Hikaru Hayakawa is a gap year student, originally from New Jersey, and a member of Williams College, Class of 2024. He plans to major in Economics and/or Environmental Studies and concentrate in Justice & Law. He is passionate about history, languages, creative writing, access and equity in education, the environment, international relations, indigenous studies, and human rights. He is an alumnus of the US State Department-sponsored Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study Abroad (YES Abroad) program in North Macedonia and the AFS-USA China Summer Language and Culture Program in rural Northeastern China. In the future, he would like to return to North Macedonia, and also study abroad in Turkey, Russia, and Japan. In addition to English, his native language, Hikaru speaks Macedonian and Spanish, studied Mandarin Chinese and Latin in high school, and is currently learning Japanese, French, and Russian.

Hikaru Hayakawa

Devangana is a high school student at Urbana High School, Illinois, U.S. She is passionate about International Relations and cross-cultural exchanges. Additionally she is interested in exploring the intersection between social change, youth empowerment and global education. To nurture her interests, she has lead and started Model U.N. club at her high school and is a Global Ambassador for the University of Illinois. She is also invested in community service and volunteers at Swataleem, an NGO focused on girls education in rural communities in India. Furthermore she is the Partnership and Sustainability Executive for the TAD Initiative which is an NGO based in Lagos, Nigeria advocating for environmental sustainability and youth-involvement. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with friends.

Devangana Rana


Tomaz is a computer engineer undergrad fascinated by all aspects of the world around him, with great interests in a number of topics, ranging from natural sciences to society and culture. He is also very passionate about empowering students and minority groups and about offering them study opportunities that may expand their vision and allow them to think critically about the world around them, as well as get in touch with people from the most varied backgrounds from around the world. 

Tomaz Maia Suller

Hello, my name is Janell! I am passionate about the environment as well as building and improving dialogue in our world. I am a college freshman studying civil and environmental engineering at the University of Louisville, and am also pursuing a Spanish minor. I planned to visit China through my university this spring to study global engineering and professionalism, but sadly this was cancelled due to COVID-19. I would still love to study in China and hope to next year. Besides China, I would love to go to Egypt and Mexico. I've participated in a digital exchange program before as a student and am beyond honored and excited to participate in one again as a facilitator.

Janell Prater

Anagha is a voracious reader, passionate debater, poetess and a youth activist working towards creating positive change in the society. She is a co-founder and editor of 'MindChamps', an online magazine to promote mental health awareness. She is currently a member of the Girls in Science 4 SDG's platform under the aegis of the United Nations. She also serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Nuclear 4 Peace, a comprehensive campaign to promote peaceful use of nuclear tech. She has been an active participant of the 1000 Girls 1000 Futures Mentorship Program of the New York Academy of Science. Anagha loves heated discussions on politics and economics as well spending quality time with her friends and family.

Anagha Rajesh

Sierra is a high school junior who is very passionate about music, community service, and learning about new cultures. Sierra is involved in the fine arts program at her school. There she is in the dance program and the lead trombonist in the Wind Ensemble. Another program she is involved in is the Pharmacy Technician Program where she learns about different medicines, how to interact with patients, and much more. Sierra is very passionate about participating in community service activities which include playing music for senior citizens and helping the homeless. Sierra is also interested in bridging the gap between cultures and is very excited to be apart of a program to help her do just that.

Sierra Morehead

Madison is a junior at Princeton University passionate about global education and health equity. After her first international trip to Kenya during freshman year, Madison's love of travel has led her to over 20 countries for research, internships, academics, and exploration. As a Public Policy and International Relations major, she hopes to aid in tackling the world's most pressing issues and promote more cross-cultural exchange. When she's not catching a flight or studying policy, Madison loves hiking, reading, running, and riding horses!

Madison Spinelli

Katelyn Jutras

Katelyn Jutras is a college freshman at the University of Dayton. She loves exploring new places and has been to 11 countries. She greatly believes in sharing our cultures with each other and that a lot of positives will come from that.

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