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Responsible for all aspects of Project Exchange's internal brand  & operations.

A cohort of young people aged 13-24 from across the United States — we're passionate about diversity  and changing the world.

Ashley is passionate about increasing access to global literacy, and amplifying the voices of young changemakers around the world. Whether it be women’s empowerment, civic engagement, or storytelling, Ashley believes true multicultural education inspires bold thinking and creativity which allows young people redefine any field of work, and create their own places at the table. Serving as a U.S. Department of State Youth Ambassador to Uruguay helped Ashley realize the importance of multicultural, diverse, and inclusive education - and the varying privilege and access students have to make study abroad reality. Ashley is excited about her role in empowering the next generation of barrier-breaking innovators and Nobel Peace Prize winners through cross-cultural understanding and collaboration!

Founder & Executive Director


Sneha Pullanoor is a young, emulous teen who strives to help the world through hard work and innovation. She is a student from Mumbai, India and is passionate about investing her skills to make a difference in the lives of others. She has a mirage of interests — ranging from technology to painting. With her commitment to excellence and determination, she hopes to bring the best out of her and contribute significantly to Project Exchange. the YMCA Northeast Model United Nations Conference and has enjoyed being able to gain insight into important global issues. In her free time, you can find her drinking too much coffee or listening to new music. She cannot wait to begin impacting the future of global education with Project Exchange!

Director of Curriculum


Michelle is a high school student in Orange County, California who hopes one day could help better the world. She is excited to be part of the Project Exchange’s team and hopes to see global barriers decrease as times goes on. She had previously helped raise awareness and money for orphans in Can Tho, Vietnam and is involved with various school clubs like UNESCO, which she currently serves as Secretary. However, during her free time, she loves to scroll through social media and find the newest trend, daydream about her many fantasies, or trying to do something creative like filming!

Director of Internal Affairs


Jenny is dedicated to helping others find their way to success. She thrives off of human interaction which is why she is in so many clubs at her school, including being a member of Model United Nations, Student League, and California Scholarship Federation and serving as a treasurer for Key Club and UNESCO. She is also an intern at the AP review website Fiveable. Other than being involved in clubs, on her free time, she likes to eat poké, drink boba, and watch Netflix. She hopes to continue furthering her goal of making the world a more accepting place with Project Exchange.

Director of Human Resources


Samantha is an aspiring polyglot and lover of world cultures. She is currently in 12th grade at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science, where she takes AP Japanese and is the 3-year president of the Japanese Art and Culture club. Aside from studying world languages, Samantha enjoys doing mock trial, reading books (especially mysteries), volunteering, and playing the piano.

Director of Digital Exchange Program


Stephanie is a junior from Cleveland, Ohio passionate about the intersections between art and technology, in addition to the power of community and diversity. Stephanie studies the piano, is an avid creative writer, is heavily involved in her school’s Science Olympiad team, and has too many tabs open on her computer all the time. She is excited to see Project Exchange help connect youth across the globe to become an inspiring and interconnected generation of trailblazers.

Director of Technology


Victoria is a current junior from Bellevue, WA. She passionately advocates for sustainability in her area and enjoys studying all things related to science and business. She also enjoys cooking food from various countries, ranging from Poland to Ethiopia. She joined Project Exchange to connect with others of many different cultures to understand the differences between her lifestyle and theirs.

Director of Finances


Tanya Singh is a non-binary writer, poet & editor from Chandigarh, India. They are the author of Heaven is Only a Part of Our Body Where All the Sickness Resides (Ghost City Press, 2018). Their work has been recognized by the Times of India, Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, among other places. They are the founder & editor-in-chief of The Cerurove, a progressive literary magazine. They also serve as an editor for other places. They believe in kindness.

Director of Journalism


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