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This amazing set of individuals is responsible for all aspects of Project Exchange's internal brand  & operations.

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Ashley Lin.JPG

Ashley is passionate about increasing access to global literacy, and amplifying the voices of young changemakers around the world. Whether it be women’s empowerment, civic engagement, or storytelling, Ashley believes true multicultural education inspires bold thinking and creativity which allows young people redefine any field of work, and create their own places at the table. Serving as a U.S. Department of State Youth Ambassador to Uruguay helped Ashley realize the importance of multicultural, diverse, and inclusive education - and the varying privilege and access students have to make study abroad reality. Ashley is excited about her role in empowering the next generation of barrier-breaking innovators and Nobel Peace Prize winners through cross-cultural understanding and collaboration!

Ashley Lin

Founder & CEO

Abril is an ambitious student passionate about our world and the arts living near Barcelona, Spain. She believes in a multicultural understanding world, and the importance of youth in activism and social justice to achieve a respectful society. She loves working with international communities, being part of Academica’s Dual Diploma and participant of the Advanced Talent Training Program and Bojos per l’Economia. As a dancer, cello player and writer, she also advocates for the use of art as a tool for activism and diversity. Abril hopes to continue her education with new opportunities to travel and discover our world alongside young leaders!

Abril Castillo Camacho

Community Facilitator Lead

Anastasia Lobo

Director of Internal Affairs

In a constantly changing world where ideas flow along global routes and where cultures coexist in a more or less free flowing fashion, Anastasia has always been curious about the unique relationships that exist between different nations and cultures. Through the course of passionate debate and endless research, she’s developed a rich understanding of humanity-of how the social mixes itself with other aspects of the universe to create a complex cocktail called society. On a lighter note, she loves meeting new people and manages to charm them with her very sick yet sad sense of humour. She’s open to challenging herself and those around her (positively, of course!). No matter your age, she’s always willing to learn and listen to your opinions. She loves reading, debating, working and strongly believes that the thirst for knowledge is the key to a better and more pleasant global society.    


Angela is a high school junior in sunny Florida who loves studying languages and learning about cultures from around the world. She is currently studying Korean and Chinese, and is an alumni of the NSLI-Y Korea program. From her personal experiences, she is very passionate about education and racial and gender equality. In her free time, she likes to play basketball, run 5k’s, and computer program, but she is always up for new challenges!

Angela Li

Director of Language Learning


My name is Betel Tenna and I live in Maryland, though originally born in Ethiopia. I'm passionate about technology and love learning about history, languages, rhetoric, and making art. Currently, I'm a senior at Magruder HS, but I'll be attending Princeton University pursuing a Computer Science concentration with certificates in Engineering and Management Systems and/or Entrepreneurship. I haven't studied abroad, however, I am an alum of the 2018 High School Diplomats program, which is a 2 week Japanese cultural exchange and immersion program hosted at Princeton University. In the future, I'd like to study abroad in Peru, Egypt, and Ghana.

Betel Tenna

Director of DEP Text

Bella Phillip.JPG

Bella Philip is a first generation Indo-Cypriot American with a penchant for adopting words she doesn’t quite understand into her everyday vocabulary. In her work as Director of Outreach she hopes to reach students without as much opportunity as their peers. She is an aspiring Political Foreign Service Officer/Investigative Journalist/Copy Editor seeking to travel to all the places and learn all the things. Bella enjoys reading books she would never write and writing stories she would never read. She plans to make more plans about her future plans for which she will certainly have backup plans, but for now, she's just biding her time till college graduation.

Isabelle Philip


Director of Outreach

Jessica Duhon.JPG

Jessica Duhon is a senior from Durham, NC studying International Affairs with a focus on East Asia and a minor in Chinese at Georgetown University. In high school, she studied abroad in China for 10 months with AFS and volunteered extensively with exchange students in her local community. In her first two years of college she has completed two internships in International Education, she and hopes to pursue a career in this field after graduation. She is excited to be involved with Project Exchange because it allows her to create accessible global education opportunities for students around the world.

Jessica Duhon

Director of Digital Exchange Program

Kristie is a current high-school junior from Irvine, California. She is passionate about language learning and international relations. Kristie is an alumna of the NSLI-Y Russian summer program, which has motivated her to use her experiences to educate others on the importance of a global education. Besides being involved in Project Exchange, she is also vice president of her school's Model United Nations club and an intern at the Orange County Human Relations office.

Kristie Moore

Director of Country Representatives

Lily Le

Social Media Co-Director

Lily is currently a high school sophomore from Northern California who loves traveling and learning about other cultures. She is part of three clubs at school which include Unicef, Adulting 101, and VSA and also volunteers to tutor for two programs. As for hobbies, she enjoys playing basketball, working out with friends, and baking. The course of her life has led her to be passionate about important issues such as poverty and worldwide hunger. She is also interested in the world of business and marketing and hopes to one day be an entrepreneur in Seattle or New York City but is open to whatever opportunities life leads her to.


Lydia is a student at Dunedin Highland Middle School in Florida. Her favorite classes are color guard, math, and lunch. She enjoys playing basketball for her school team and lacrosse. Apart from school and extracurriculars, she likes to read, work out, and listen to music, especially Stray Kids. Lydia would love to visit Bali, Indonesia and Malibu, California when she grows older. When she has extra time, she enjoys hand-lettering or bullet journaling and designing Instagram posts. Because of this, Lydia is using her love of designing to help spread awareness of cultures and Project Exchange through social media!

Lydia Li

Social Media Co-Director

Director of Logistics


My name is Melissa Hernandez and I am currently a high school senior in California. Living in California I have been exposed to a plethora of different cultures and languages, which has inspired my fascination with linguistics and developing friendships that span across the world. I am currently studying Portuguese and Korean. However, unable to study abroad, Project Exchange has served as an opportunity to pursue a multicultural and immersive education, which other young leaders should and deserve to pursue. I believe collaboration rather than competition amongst the young leaders (Yes YOU!) of today is what will move mountains, end world hunger, clean our oceans, and make this world a better place to live in.

Melissa Hernandez

IMG_0170 (1).JPG

Samantha is an aspiring polyglot and lover of world cultures. She is an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. She has 4 years of experience in Japanese and 1 year of experience in Russian and Italian. Aside from studying world languages, Samantha enjoys volunteering, playing with the Cal Marching Band, and listening to podcasts about philosophy. She has studied abroad in Kirov, Russia & hopes to study in Osaka, Japan and St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Samantha Doyle-Jacobson

Language Curriculum Lead


Sierra is a high school junior who is very passionate about music, community service, and learning about new cultures. Sierra is involved in the fine arts program at her school. There she is in the dance program and the lead trombonist in the Wind Ensemble. Another program she is involved in is the Pharmacy Technician Program where she learns about different medicines, how to interact with patients, and much more. Sierra is very passionate about participating in community service activities which include playing music for senior citizens and helping the homeless. Sierra is also interested in bridging the gap between cultures and is very excited to be apart of a program to help her do just that.

Sierra Morehead

Director of Facilitation


Sophie Chang is a fourteen-year-old teenager living in St. Louis, Missouri. She goes to Marquette High School, and her favorite subjects are language arts and social studies. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, hang out with friends, read books (mostly dystopian and science fiction), and listen to Kpop (her favorite group is Twice, for anyone wondering). She loves to travel and explore new places and cultures and one day hopes to go to Greece, Japan, or South Korea. She is heavily involved with many nonprofits, including GenZHER, YesSheCanCampaign, SHEDIDTHAT!, Femme in STEAM, and, of course, Project Exchange. She is especially passionate about women’s rights and hopes that one day the world will be able to put aside their differences and come together to unite as one. Because of this, she’s very excited to be a part of Project Exchange and be able to make a difference. 

Sophie Chang

Co-Director of Student Engagement

Surabhi is a student, an artist, a 3rd Dan black belt, and an avid communicator who is passionate about embracing diversity and culture. At school, she is heavily involved in HOSA, Debate, Science Fair, National Honor Society and Academic Bowl for the Deaf. When not being occupied with school and clubs, in her free time, Surabhi likes reading autobiographies, watching food shows and experimenting in the kitchen. In the future, she would love to have the chance to study abroad in U.K., the Netherlands, and Spain. As part of Project Exchange, Surabhi hopes to continue to work on her goal of making the world an interconnected place of cultures and diversity through the interaction of many enlightened thinkers and students.

Surabhi Gangadkar

Co-Director of Student Engagement 

Director of Curriculum


Sydney is a high school sophomore from Colorado who loves traveling, international relations, and politics. Through her travels, she has gained an appreciation for seeing as much of the world as you can, and opening your eyes up to new cultures, languages, and cuisines. Her favorite places she's been are Thailand and Morocco, and she hopes to go to India and Greece one day. She is passionate about focusing on what unites us, rather than what divides us. Sydney wants to use her time and resources to educate young people on how to respectfully learn about and engage with someone else's culture respectfully and with appreciation for what makes us all unique.  She is heavily involved in her school and community and is part of a plethora of clubs and organizations, including Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Student Government, and various activist and political organizations. If she's not volunteering, she's reading historical fiction, baking something, or on a plane to somewhere new. 
Although she hasn’t studied abroad yet, Sydney hopes to study in Spain or the United Kingdom one day.

Sydney Fahn

Zoe Piccirillo.jpeg

Zoe is a high school senior from New York City. She's eager to educate people about other cultures, which she has previously done by teaching English to foster children in Brazil. When she’s not busy with schoolwork, she’s either reading the travel section of the New York Times or volunteering with her school’s Red Cross club. She has been to Brazil, Luxembourg and Spain, but also wants to visit Portugal, Chile and Japan. She’s excited to bring her creativity and open mind to Project Exchange and get to know the diverse group of people within it. 

Zoe Piccirillo

Director of Social Media

On her mission to separate the vulnerable and muffled voices from the noise that masks them, Zunaira is determined to make everyone around her feel heard and appreciated, irrespective of where they come from. She is on her journey to help young people and herself grow and transform into empathetic leaders. She loves to work in intercultural environments and wants everyone to know that there is no single right way. She adores diversity around her as she believes differences are what make this world beautiful.  Even though she hasn’t studied abroad yet, Zunaira hopes to study in Turkey, the USA, Canada, or Finland soon.

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Zunaira Asad

Facilitation Lead