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Global Unconference

A day-long conference-style  exchange program for rural area middle school students to explore cross-cultural exchange through SDG themes. Integrating digital and in-person learning methods to increase access to quality global education.

Program Overview

The Global Unconference program is day-long, conference-style event which heavily relies on the support of on-the-ground volunteers. Active youth leaders organize programs for rural youth in a local community, and enlist the support of an adult chaperone during the program. Program curriculum is an innovative combination of online webinars to hear from relatable & inspirational mentors, digital dialogues and break-off video calls with peers from another country, as well as in-person hands-on activities. All conferences will engage youth from at least two culturally unique rural communities, and conversation around a global challenge.

ambassador application

Participant Requirements

Any individual (preferably an older student) can organize a Community Ambassadors program for students in their area. Requirements for student participants are:

  • from a self-identified rural community

  • currently enrolled in grades 5-9

  • have not been able to access a meaningful cross-cultural learning experience before

  • school does not offer robust curriculum around the program theme (related to one of the SDG goals)

Ways to Get Involved

Depending on your background and interest, there are various engagement opportunities. Below are some of the key players involved in launching a Community Ambassadors program—let us know what interests you most!

  • Team Lead: a high school/college student (preferred) or adult who will serve as the main point of contact for organizing!

  • Adult Chaperone: adult volunteer who will be on-site during conference dates, and assist with transportation, buying supplies, etc.

  • Volunteers: who will donate their time and talents, everything from recruiting student participants, marketing the event, finding a venue/food sponsors, event photographers, etc.

Get Involved!

Interested in the program, or want to organize a Community Ambassador program where you live?

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