Impact Incubator

A globally-minded, social impact fellowship for exchange alumni to turn intercultural understanding into community action.

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Putting the active in active global citizenship.

The Impact Incubator is a 4-week fellowship equipping motivated study abroad alumni of any exchange programs with the skills they need to turn key insights from their exchange experience into real, successful community action projects that promote intercultural understanding.


Students will be matched with a 1:1 peer mentor, participate in skill-building workshops with a cohort of other changemakers, and receive mini-grants to turn their vision into reality. 


Along the way, students will gain critical skills such as community mapping, storytelling/press, budgeting/fundraising, and measuring impact, which are applicable in developing their community action project and beyond. 

After the program, students will have successfully conducted a community action project—from hosting a World Cultures Day at their school to organizing a language learning summer camp to painting a mural in their community that promotes kindness & empathy.

Program Overview

The entire program will be based online through Google Drive, Slack, and Zoom.

​Time Commitment?

  • 4-month online exchange program

  • 2-3 hours/week with your 1:1 mentor

What will you gain?

  • 1:1 matching with peer mentor

  • Knowledge from skill-building workshops: community mapping, storytelling/press, budgeting/fundraising, measuring impact, and more!

  • A mini-grant to launch your project

  • Experience successfully organizing and implementing a community action project, from beginning to end!

Is the program open right now? 

The Impact Incubator fellowship is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis.

We are eager to hear your ideas for promoting intercultural understanding and to support you in your change-making journey!

Want more detailed information? 

For a week-by-week split of the curriculum and more details on what to expect, click here!  

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The Seven Skill-Building Topics

Topics are thoughtfully chosen based on what fellows need and the workshop speakers are curated from the Project Exchange network. These skills are applicable throughout your life!



Middle & High School Students!

  • Apply for the Impact Incubator program here.

  • Rolling admissions cycle

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