who we are?

the intersect is an inclusive multimedia storytelling platform for students to connect with like-minded global citizens, and contribute their own culture and insights. We write about culture, promote mutual understanding, and prepare young people to tackle today’s critical global issues through cross-cultural collaboration.  We want people who are committed to creating quality content for us on a regular basis and who want to be part of a growing movement. It is our ultimate goal to create a digital space that encourages discussion, collaboration, communication, and creativity in a respectful and thought provoking way to provide perspective into our mission towards re-imagining global education. 

what we do?

We democratize access to multicultural education. the intersect is a proud product of Project Exchange. We create opportunities for students to be bold enough to learn about, live, and experience other cultures - not just simply putting on clothing or a mask of that culture, but truly understanding how their actions can raise awareness for the culture. Ultimately, we are here to facilitate the exchange of cultures, similarities and differences so students are able to effectively advocate for cultures in an authentic, inclusive, and respectful manner. 

Project Exchange

Bringing together high school and college students from around the globe to talk about culture, promote mutual understanding, and prepare young individuals to tackle critical global issues through cross-cultural communication.

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