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Investigating Cyber Crime: The Role of Digital Forensics in Investigations by Dr. Podhradsky

June 3


For about a decade, Dr. Podhradsky has investigated private digital forensic cases — including banks that were hacked into, organizations that were internally disarrayed, and more. Careers and research opportunities in digital forensics and cybersecurity are more pertinent than ever, and Dr. Podhradsky provides a sneak peak into some of today’s critical topics. First, we’ll dive into business email compromise, the largest cyber attack expense for every country, because we all do business with emails. Then, she discusses Xbox forensics, and the threats gaming consoles (and Internet of Things, IoT, poses) as they evolve from rudimentary, standalone devices into complex multimedia communication hubs. Finally, we’ll hear more about the dark web, initially created to send and receive secure information, and now includes a dark side to it as well. Ultimately, there are needs and gaps in cyber research that you can fill… so join us on this journey!

Key Questions

What is business email compromise, how does it work, and how can the next generation of business leaders avoid it?

What cyber threats are posed by gaming consoles? How can players stay safe when gaming?

What is the dark web, and should you attempt to access it without expert knowledge?

How do the topics Dr. Podhradsky discusses have global implications?

Find what you’re looking for

00:15 - Welcome by Project Exchange

01:11 - Introduction

01:29 - About the presenter

02:53 - Agenda

03:22 - What is business email compromise (BEC)?

05:05 - How does BEC happen?

10:55 - BEC Scenario #1

14:45 - What is an email header?

19:20 - Gaming Console Forensics

20:30 - Why gaming console forensics?

22:12 - Malicious/illegal activity on gaming consoles

27:25 - The dark web

28:35 - What is the surface web?

29:35 - What is the deep web?

31:30 - What is the dark web?

33:55 - The onion router, TOR

36:55 - What’s out there on the dark web?

39:25 - Presenter contact information

41:00 - Closing by Project Exchange

Resources -

More on BEC -

More on cyber forensics (and gaming consoles/IoT) -

More on the dark web & TOR (reminder: don’t try this yourself!) - webinar style:, report style:

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