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Sparking a Revolution with Cybersecurity: Kyla Guru

June 10


Kyla Guru is a rising senior at Deerfield High School in Illinois, as well as the Founder & CEO of Bits n’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education, a national 501(c)(3) that partners with school districts and industry leaders like Facebook and Discovery Education, all in efforts to increase awareness, literacy, and fluency in privacy and cybersecurity.

Kyla initially explains her story on how she developed a deep interest in cybersecurity and how her curiosity led her to developing this interest into her passion. She mentions Gen Cybercamp, which is a cybersecurity camp organised at Purdue University, Indiana and all the useful lessons she learnt during her week spent. She further mentions about how the camp and a data breach at a local high school influenced her to start Bits n’ Bytes. As we dove deeper into the topic, Kyla explains why cybersecurity is important and ways we can prevent our details from getting exposed. She briefly mentions the ways we could implement basic security measures- creating strong passwords, not opening suspicious emails and keeping up to date with the news.

Key Questions

Why is cybersecurity important?

What are the ways that we could keep our data safe over the internet?

Find what you’re looking for

00:00 - Introduction

00:14 - Start of the field trip

00:40 - About the presenter

00:55 - About Gen cybercamp

01:11 - How she developed an interest in cybersecurity

01:51 - Impact of Gen Cybercamp

02:46 - Human error: one of the main reasons for data breaches

03:20 - Impact in community

03:36 - Data breach at a local school

04:10 - How she founded Bits N’ Bytes

04:40 - About Bits N’ Bytes

05:03 - Why cybersecurity is important

05:56 - How to implement cybersecurity in our daily lives

06:54 - Conclusion

07:10 - Closing by Kyla


Bits N’ Bytes website -

Bits N’ Bytes socials - Kyla Guru(@gurudetective) Twitter

Kyla’s TED talk -

GenCyber Camp Website -

Data breach at local school article -

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