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Virtual Field Trips

What are Project Exchange Virtual Field Trips?

Virtual Field Trips are monthly programs that explore today’s critical issues from a cross-cultural perspective, by helping students connect their local community experiences to the greater global narrative.


Each Virtual Field Trip series begins with a series of 30-60 minute field trips led by relatable and inspirational mentors in a given field, whose work encompasses themes of global collaboration and impact. In partnership with these mentors, teachers, and experts in the field, Project Exchange will produce a set of lesson plans that align with each virtual field trip.


After developing background knowledge and initial understanding of an issue, students are invited to examine the impacts of this specific issue and take action to further understand the challenge. Each month, we will tackle a different global challenge (e.g., cybersecurity, environmental justice, sexual harassment/violence), and each series of field trips will culminate in a pitch event where students use what they have learned to ideate solutions.

Beyond CyberSafe

Virtual Field Trips: Summer 2019

According to Accenture, “Over the next 5 years, companies in the private sector “risk losing an estimated US$5.2 trillion in value creation opportunities from the digital economy — almost the size of the economies of France, Italy and Spain combined — to cybersecurity attacks.”


Can you imagine that? It’s definitely overwhelming, and we bet you’re wondering what you can do. The reality is that humans, and how we interact with our digital devices, are the weakest link in this cybersecurity equation. By enforcing positive digital habits starting with the youngest students around the globe, we can foster a generation of cyber literate professionals starting with ourselves and those who surround us.

Still too big of a picture? Let’s take it back and think about your immediate student community. Can you think of that one friend who’s a touch reckless on social media? Or the one whose password is name1234? Or maybe you or someone you know has been cyberbullied before. In an ever more connected society, digital tools hold huge potential to increase access to and enhance educational opportunities — especially for interacting with peers from different cultures and communities, such as our work here at Project Exchange. In order for you and your friend to effectively utilize these digital tools, we must address current cases of cyber-insecurity.


Ultimately, cybersecurity is a global issue that impacts the way you interact with students around the globe, which is why we’re addressing it here at Project Exchange. As digital device users, we are all stakeholders in this system, and must educate ourselves in order to serve as a strong link! Furthermore, cybersecurity education must be peer-circulated and action-based.

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